Innisfail Hotels

Few Innisfail Hotels remain today.

When I was growing up in Innisfail, before the days of strict drink driving laws and subsequent social changes gave us many more options to fill our leisure hours, there were three to four times the number of hotels in Innisfail.

As well as the three remaining hotels at the time of writing this article, The Goondi Hill Hotel, The Crown Hotel and The Commonwealth, old Innisfailites may remember:

The Innisfail Hotel, The White Horse Hotel, The Grand Central Hotel, The Riverview Hotel, The Queens Hotel, The Federal Hotel, The Exchange Hotel (The Cane Cutter),  and The Imperial Hotel.

They have all gone now, although it is still a possibility that the¬†Imperial Hotel may re-open it’s doors.

The three remaining hotels all operate in the old traditional pub formats, providing a congenial atmosphere in which to enjoy a beer, they have dining rooms (restaurants) and bottleshops, they also provide gaming facilities these days for pokie players and some entertainment.

Accommodation is a major contributor to their viability these days as it always has been with all venues chasing the valuable custom of travellers, out-of-town workers and backpackers as people staying at the pub also dine and drink there.

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